The Hero Program

The Hero Program

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63 Day Hero Program

This Program is 63 Days long and focused on creating your Hero, and you will go on 3 missions over 63 Days in the area where you created your Hero. 

There is an initial Onboarding session to build your Hero and receive your 1st mission. 

After that, you will have a check-in session with your Hero Coach on days 21, 42 & 63. 

**For the next 5 sign-ups, we are offering 15min "Panic Calls" for when you need a pep talk before using your hero.**

What's included: 

  • 1 Onboarding Session w/ a Hero Coach
  • 3 Check-In Sessions w/ a Hero Coach
  • 1 Custom Hero
  • 1 Heroic State Neuro-Anchor 
  • 63 Day Mission Process
  • Custom Hero Creation Plan
  • Media Package for Your Hero
  • The Bus Analogy to Store Current & Future Heroes

Live Your legend

Our Minds, Brains, and Bodies possess amazing powers, but most people never tap into them, they stay stuck in the matrix, and don't take agency or control over their life, or their outcomes!


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